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Closed – Hostel Base Point Osaka in Namba


I searched for accommodation that is closer to Namba station at inexpensive price. And I found this hostel Hostel Base Point Osaka that is located at the center of shopping street in Namba.
It’s very close to Namba Grand Kagetsu and I thought I can get to there with easily. Actually, it’s very easy to find ! (Though I mistook the exit at the station this time, too…) They have dormitory rooms and private rooms.

Appearance, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Because I always out for sightseeing and eating at whole day when I visit Osaka, so, I want to save money for my bed as much as possible. So, dormitory is good choice 🙂


After you get out of Namba station, go straight along Nankai street. And then you meet this sighboard, so turn left. “Ganko zushi (がんこ寿司)” is good sign, too.
* There’s not this signboard at night time.

Signboard, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Because it’s located close to Namba station, we don’t need to worry about shopping and meals. Ah, it’s sad thing that we have only stomach each. Nevertheless there are so many delicious foods in Namba !

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404 NOT FOUND | Ryoko showing lots of yummy foods from Japan
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It takes about 10 minutes walk to Kuromon Market, too.
And Nankai dentetsu, JR line, subway, bus … you have much means of transportation.
You can go everywhere in Osaka (and Kyoto) from here.

Price and Booking

Price list. Fridays, Extra charge is needed for Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays.

Fee, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Nevertheless such a location, the price is so inexpensive. Dormitory is 2800 yen. And they accept tourists from various countries. Of course, English is OK. There were some foreign tourists without booking. They could stay at there because there were some vacant beds.

We can reserve at agoda.com, Expedia, Hotels.com and so on.
Prices are mostly same. They don’t serve breakfast at all.


As soon as you open the door, the front desk welcome you. This photo was taken in the morning, so no one was there.  Check-in time is 1 p.m. and Check-out time is 11 a.m. But front desk is open from 11 a.m.
Check-out is simple. You put your key at the box on the desk. That’s all. Hair dryer is only at the desk. If you need it, you can lend it (fee required :()

Front, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

You can leave your baggage before Check-in and after Check-out.
But staffs come after 11 a.m., so if you want to leave before they come, you need to write down on piece of paper that your name and returning time and put it on your baggage on the shelf.

Women’s Dormitory room

Women’s dormitory room is upstair. Mix dormitory is on 1F. There’s no elevator. Only stairs.

Stairs, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Women’s room is always locked and have wash stand, locker, and bed. Rest room and shower room (one each) is outside.

It’s Wash stand.

Wash stand, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Bunk beds are on both sides. Colorful. Though the room is narrow, there was no problem for me because I stayed in the room for two nights only 🙂

Room, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Upper bed. There’s a shelf and we can put anything. Two outlets.
My room is used as private room. So, there’s large shelf and mirror, too.
(But unfortunately it was messy because a family scattered their things…. So, I didn’t take the photo)
I searched for reviews of this accommodation in advance on the internet, but I didn’t find much Japanese reviews.Certainly there were much foreign tourists !

bed, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

There’s refrigerator, TV, kitchen, table, loundry on the ground floor.

And each rooms have free wifi, so everything in minimum what you need is prepared. Amenity and towel is nothing.

As a whole, I felt comfortable. So, I want to stay at this accommodation next time, too. But you know… I also want to try various accommodations :p

About Hostel Base Point Osaka

Address / 2-11-17 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone / 06-6644-1810
URL / http://www.basepoint-osaka.com/ (in English)


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