Osaka 2014 (13/15) : Udon at Tenmasa (天政)

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Inexpensive, fast and tasty udon at Namba

We took last meal at Osaka at the shop 🙂
Our acquaintance’s favorite udon & soba shop.

“Inexpensive, Fast and Tasty !!!”

Appearance, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Naba)


Entrance, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Naba)


That’s menu. So inexpensive !!!
Most expensive food on the menu is udon or soba with meat(肉うどん・そば, 390 yen) !!!

Menu, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Namba)


We have to pay in advance 🙂

I ordered a Kizami Udon (きざみうどん, 250 yen)

Kizami udon, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Namba)


“Kizami” means “cut” in English. “Cut” deep-fried tofu is on the surface. So-called Kitsune udon (udon with deep-fried tofu) .
Umm, I don’t like deep-fried tofu…. But there’s Osaka. Speaking udon in Osaka, we remember Kitsune udon. So I ordered it.
Always I believe that why I hate a food is because I only don’t meet good one yet. So, I try that time, too.

Those slices of deep-fried tofu were not seasoned strong, so I could easily eat it. The soup was clear and tasty. Because it was simple soup, I could feel the taste of the soup stock well.

I can’t believe that such a high quality udon cost us only 250 yen !!!!

The noodle had springy texture.

Pick up udon, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Namba)


Kayaku Gohan (かやく御飯, 180 yen)

Kayaku gohan, Tenmasa, Osaka trip 2014 (Namba)


Kayaku gohan means “boiled rice mixed with vegetables and meat” It was seasoned with soy sauce, and it had good flavor and tasted good.
Shiitake mushroom, carrot, shimeji muchroom and so on….
Our acquaintance often buy it as “to go”. Well, I also wanted to go back to home with the rice !!!

After finished eating, we spent time at cafe and went to Kansai airport.
I’ll show you at two cafes that we spent our time at next post 🙂

I went to four udon shops in this trip.
I think Hagakure was No.1. But this Tenmasa was good, too 🙂

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About Tenmasa (天政)

Address / 3-3-3 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Nanba station (JR, Osaka subway, Nankai dentetsu)
Open / 7:00 – 24:00
Closed / No scheduled



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    So inexpensive! Ad it looks tasty too:)

    • Ryoko says:

      I have never met such a tasty udon at such a lower price in Tokyo !
      I understood why my acquaintance who is foodie like this shop 🙂

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