Osaka 2014 (10/15) : Pancake at mog Namba branch (mog難波店)

Classic butter milk pancake, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1) OSAKA
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Pancake is also popular in Osaka

The third day of our trip to Osaka, we had brunch at this cafe.

mog Namba branch

Appearance, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1)


They’re famous as pancake.
At Kanto region, pancake is so popular mainly among young girls, and we found that many people love pancake in Osaka, too.
We got to there 30 minutes before the cafe opened. And then people came one after another and at last over 30 people were waiting when the cafe opened.

This cafe is a branch of popular cafe that is named “voivoi” in Sangen-Jaya of Tokyo.

Signboard, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1)


Pancake menu with photo is showed in front of the cafe.
As dessert, as meal, 8 pancake is prepared.

Pancake menu, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1)


We intended to go to another shops to eat something, so, we shared one pancake 🙂
Basic pancake.
Classic butter milk pancake (クラシックバターミルクパンケーキ) 700 yen

Classic butter milk pancake, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1)


This pancake was soft and spongy. It wasn’t too sweet and I felt it was tasty. But I wasn’t satisfied with the flavor.
Probably the pancake is seasoned as with much ingredients like ice cream, sauce on it.

My drink was Afternoon tea (アフタヌーンティー). About three cups of tea was in the pot 🙂

Afternoon tea, Mog Namba branch (Osaka2014-1)


About mog Namba branch (mog 難波店)

Address / 3-7-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Nanba station (JR, Osaka subway, Nankai dentetsu)
Open / from 11:00 to 22:00
Close / No scheduled
Website / Japanese Only)



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