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[Osaka] Oyster okonomiyaki at Kaki Yamato (牡蠣やまと) in Abeno Ponte


I wanted to eat okonomiyaki having plenty of oysters in Osaka and I searched for it on the internet and I found an izakaya named Kaki Yamato (牡蠣やまと) located in Tennoji close to Abeno Harukasu. I decided to have dinner at Kaki Yamato. They are not okonomiyaki restaurant and grilled foods izakaya. They are izakaya and almost all their foods have oysters.

I expeted that I could enter the izakaya at their opening time in sharp. But when I telephoned the shop three days before the visiting date, the staff answered, “We have full reservation until 9:30 p.m. of the day”. I heard that it is very popular izakaya and they always have full reservation. I recognized it is true.

Kaki Yamato is on the ground floor of Abeno Ponte close to Tennoji station, Tennoji Ekimae station and Abeno station. Abeno Ponte is such a cute building having triangle roof. It seems to look up Abeno Harukasu !

Because of such a outstanding cloth having the name of the shop, I didn’t pass through in front of the shop.

There’re counter seats and tables having chairs. Unexpectedly it is a small izakaya. I got to there before 9:30. More than half of the seats were occupied. One large group was about to leave the shop. There were many vacant seats after that. Perhaps, if we go to there after 10 p.m., we might be able to secure seats without reservation. I’ll try next time.

They prepare three valuable sets. A set (980 yen) have a glass of beer and two oysters (fresh oyster or grilled oyster).
It’s good set for people that they want to have beer and oysters at first. Actually, many people ordered it at first. C set (1900 yen) have a glass of beer, small appetizer and oysters okonomiyaki. I think it’s good, too. Those set is available at several times 🙂

Because I wasn’t in good condition, I gave up ordering valuable set and ordered oolong tea. Otoshi was served. Otoshi is like table charge. Many izakaya serve small appetizer instead of that. Maybe Kaki Yamato’s otoshi cost around 500 yen. My otoshi was tofu.

I ordered steamed oysters. One portion have two pieces of oyster.

steamed oysters (蒸しがき) 780 yen

They serve it with salt separately. But I didn’t need additional salt because those oyster had enough salt from sea.

I felt like drinking beer all the same, so I ordered Asahi Super Dry small (アサヒスーパードライ小, 350 yen). I couldn’t drink it up. But I was satisfiled.
They have variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the menus.

Asahi Super Dry small (アサヒスーパードライ小) 350 yen

Oysters okonomiyaki is called Kakioko (牡蠣おこ) for short.
They serve two types of kakioko named “Tsuruhashi style” and “Okayama style”.
Tsuruhashi style is standard okonomiyaki that can be eaten in Osaka. And Okayama style is lighter tastes with ponzu. I ordered Okayama style of oysters okonomiyaki because it is more popular than standard Tsuruhashi style at Kaki Yamato.

My okonomiyaki was served in 15 minutes. It was faster than expected because they already had some order of okonomiyaki before my order.
It was smaller okonomiyaki than expected. I could easily eat it up by myself.
If you visit there with someone, you can eat both Okayama style and Tsuruhashi style !

Okayama style of oysters okonomiyaki (牡蠣のお好み焼き 岡山スタイル) 1280 yen

Whichever you cut, you can hit oyster ! There were about 7 spring oysters in this okonomiyaki.

Because of such a refreshing tastes of the okonomiyaki with ponzu, I could enjoy the tastes of oysters to the full and I realized why this “Okayama” style is so popular at the center of Osaka.

There are many okonomiyaki restaurants having high reputation in Osaka. But I expected that good chefs in Osaka must have cooked good okonomiyaki and chose this izakaya this time. My expectation was perfect !

Kaki yamato have not only okonomiyaki but also variety of foods having oysters like oyster steak, jjigae and so on all year around. So I recommend this shop to all people who love oysters like me !


Name Kaki Yamato
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram

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