Osaka 2014 (14/15) : Jun-Kissa in Namba (純喫茶)

Interior, Eikokuya Namba branch (Namba) OSAKA
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Many “Jun-Kissa” still remains in Osaka.

Today, I’ll show you cafe and kissaten that we used during our trip to Osaka 🙂

At first, Jun-Kissa American. I entered the kissaten when I had to spend time by myself.
The kissaten was my longing shop for a long time. “Kissa” is shortening of “Kissaten” and “Jun” means pure in English. That is to say, it means pure kissaten that don’t serve alcoholic drinks at all.
At many “kissaten” hostess served alcoholic drinks close to guests in the past. So, another kissaten insisted that they’re pure kissaten by their names.

The signboard have nostalgic atmosphere 🙂

Signboard, Jun-Kissa American (Namba)


There were samples in the showcase outside the shop 🙂

Sample, Jun-Kissa American (Namba)


There’s spiral stairway in the kissaten, It seems a kind of salon where many adult socialites gather in Showa period.

Entrance, Jun-Kissa American (Namba)


The menu is nice, too.

Menus, Jun-Kissa American (Namba)


I found it is so noisy after entered the shop. Because of structure of building or another reason, The sounds resonated so much. The sounds of cutlery, the sounds of someone walking, laughing voice,,,,every sounds resonated too much.
Certainly, their interior was great, but the good atmosphere by the interior was completely spoiled by the noice !

Anyway, I ordered a almond au lait (アーモンドオーレ, 670 yen).

Almond au lait, Jun-Kissa American (Namba)


It was too noisy to stay there longer. After all I got out of the shop after 20 minutes.
Well, I was satisfied. Because I could enter the longing shop 🙂

And next. This is the cafe that we killed time before leaving for Kansai Airport.

Eikokuya Nanba branch

There is a branch in Tokyo, too. But it is in Daimaru Tokyo, because of it is in the department store, the atmosphere is ordinary plain cafe.

Nanba branch is in the small building and it looks good atmosphere from its appearance.
From 1st to 3rd floor is Eikokuya. At third floor, there’s reserved rooms and rest room 🙂

Appearance, Eikokuya Namba branch (Namba)


The entrance says Eikokuya have branch in Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe and Kyoto.

Entrance, Eikokuya Namba branch (Namba)


They prepare breakfast in the morning at inexpensive price.

Morning menus, Eikokuya Namba branch (Namba)


Wow !!!! Classical atmosphere !!! It looks like art museum !!! And calm !! Classical music was playing.


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