Osaka 2014 (8/15) : Dinner at Naniwa French Begin (なにわフレンチ びぎん)

Yamagata beef steak with Bordelaise sauce, Begin (Osaka2014-1) OSAKA
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Naniwa-Style French cuisine dinner

The second day’s night, we had Naniwa-style French dinner at Naniwa French Begin

Signboard, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


Our acquaintance is a regular customer of the restaurant. He often visit there and post articles on his blog and the restaurant was our longing restaurant 😀

Entrance, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


We were there for the first time, so we decided to order set menus at 5000 yen.

My drink was yuzu juice (柚子ジュース, 600 yen) 😀

yuzu juice, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


The yuzu was from over 90 years old tree. pesticide-free and fertilizer-free.

First of all, firstborn egg with consomme jelly (初産み卵とコンソメゼリー) came !

Firstborn egg and consomme jelly, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


This was the first time to hear the word “firstborn egg”. The chef said that firstborn egg have high nutritional value and rich taste.

Break firstborn egg and consomme jelly, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


Wow !! strong orange color !!! The consomme jelly was sweet and tasty.It went with the egg very well 🙂

First bonito from Yakushima “tataki” (屋久島の初鰹の塩たたき風)

Bonito from Yakushima tataki, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


The chef said that this bonito have weight of 8.8 kg ! So large bonito ! Ate it with the ear perilla.
The ear perilla could be separated from its stalk with our chopsticks with ease 🙂
Fresh smells of the bonito was good.

Octopus from Akashi being cooked like escargot (明石蛸のエスカルゴ風)

Octopus from Akashi cooked like escargot, Begin (Osaka2014-1)

やっぱ明石が近いのでね♪ バケットに限界までオイルを浸す・・・(ノ∀`)

Of course, I soaked my bread into the garlic oil to the limit 😛

Round putty of chicken and foire gras (地鶏とフォアグラの丸いパテ)

Round putty with chicken and foie gras, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


It had smooth feeling and the taste of the foie gras was good.
Still, the water cress disturbed me taking the putty’s picture 😛

Sauted cod from off the coast of Konbumori (昆布森沖産の鱈のソテー)

Cod from Konbumori sauté, Begin (Osaka2014-1)

ぷりんぷりんの鱈Σ(゚Д゚) 厚みがスゴイ(ノ∀`)

The cod was closed on the ship immediately to keep it fresh.
So thick and it had springy texture !!!

And such a large salad camel. They said that was “mix salad”.
The bowl was heaping full of foods !!!
Salad with bamboo shoot, firefly squid, natural bracken etc.. (ミックスサラダ)

Salad with bamboo shoot from Wakayama, , natural bracken from Uchiko, firefly squid and organic vegetables, Begin (Osaka2014-1)

終盤に出てきたのがこのサラダ。すごいボリュームΣ(゚Д゚) 野菜も蛍烏賊もおいしい!おいしいけど!ツライ・・・(;´Д`)

The name was “salad”, but too large and it had lots of ingredients like bamboo shoot from Wakayama, firefly squid, natural bracken from Uchiko-cho in Ehime and so on…
Those bamboo shoot and natural bracken was very fresh.
Also those organic vegetables were from Moriyama city in Shiga prefecture. Not only its taste, but they are also particular about the source of their ingredients.
The water cress was from Uchiko-cho and onion was from Moriyama city.
It was delicious, but so large !! I managed to eat it up, but it was very hard for me…

Yamagata beef steatk with bordelaise sauce (山形牛ステーキのボルドレーズソース添え)

Yamagata beef steak with Bordelaise sauce, Begin (Osaka2014-1)


Last. I felt relieved that the steak was small.The degrees of burning was good for me 🙂

Dessert after meal. Brown sugar from Tarama in Miyako island and firstborn egg pudding (宮古島多良間産の黒糖と初産み卵のプリン)

Brown sugar from Tarama in Miyako island and firstborn egg pudding, Begin(Osaka2014-1)


Also it had firstborn egg !!! Thank you !!!
Caramel sauce with raspberry vinegar from France was bottom of the pudding. It had sour taste a bit and tasty.
And the course had also one drink after the meal.

Our longing “Begin” was great as I had expected and we could spend wonderful time.
But… I couldn’t understand what is Naniwa-style 😛

We have to go there again soon …..

About Naniwa French Begin (なにわフレンチ びぎん)

Address / Tsukitora 51 Bankan 4F, 2-5-31 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Namba station (JR, Osaka subway, Nankai dentetsu)
Open / 18:00 – 23:00
Close / Sundays and national holidays
Website / Japanese Only)



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