Chitose Bekkan (千とせ べっかん) in Namba

menus-chitose-bekkan-namba OSAKA
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First solo trip in Osaka.

I visited Osaka from at the end of last month to the beginning of this month because the flight ticket was so inexpensive.
The first meal at this trip was at here.
Chitose Bekkan located on the ground floor of Namba Grand Kagetsu.


先月末、飛行機のチケットが安かったので、用もなく大阪へ行ってきました(^o^)ノ なんばに着いてまずこちらに。本当は本店に行きたかったんですけど着いたのは15時過ぎ。閉まってました。

Truthfully speaking, I wanted to visit the old head shop. But they are open until 2:30 p.m. It was already past 3 p.m. So, there was no choice but visit this new branch.

Though the head shop and the branch have almost same menus and maybe serve same quality.

But the head shop started their business in 1949 and their old house is one of the historical place.



Menus. There’s a ticket vending machine in the shop. I know many people order both Nikusui (肉吸い, soup with beef meat and half-boiled egg) and Kodama (小玉, tamagokake gohan).



There’re only counter seats. There are some long tables in the shop. Their original soy sauce for tamagokake gohan is prepared on the each tables.


But I couldn’t eat so much because of severe hangover :p
So, I bought a ticket of Nikusui (肉吸い, 650 yen) only. My nikusui was served soon.



Perhaps you don’t know the word Nikusui.
Nikusui is not familiar with me, too.
Nikusui is udon with beef meats without udon.
You might not be able to understand what I said now.
Originally, Nikusui is udon. Chitose is udon shop. But one day, Kyo Hanaki who was one of the comedian ordered “Udon with beef meat without udon !” because of hangover. Yes, like me that day :p

I tried, but I was suffering from severe hangover that day. So, the fatty soup having plenty of beef meat and half-boiled yolk wasn’t good for me. I felt heartburn.

I think the shop put more beef meat than in those days. So, now it’s not good for people who is suffering from hangover.

Of course, those beef meats were so fatty and soft. And the soup was good, too.

It’s for people who’s in good health !

The head shop have always long line in front of the shop and we have to share tables. But this Bekkan don’t have much people and there’re only counter seats. So, I recommend Bekkan if you want to eat only.

About Chitose Bekkan (千とせ べっかん)

Address / Namba grand Kagetsu 1F, 11-6, Namba-Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Namba station (Nankai Namba, JR)
Open / 11:00 – 20:00
Closed / no scheduled
Website / (in japanese only)


About Chitose Head shop (千とせ)

Address / 8-1, Namba-Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Namba station (Nankai Namba, JR)
Open / 10:30 – 14:30
Closed / Tuesdays



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