Namba : Hostel Base Point Osaka

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Inexpensive dormitory having best location in Namba.

When I decided to visit in Osaka a few weeks later, it was too late to find good hotel at inexpensive price.
So, each hotels became expensive, and I gave up staying in hotel. Instead of that, I decided to stay in dormitory at the center of Namba.

Hostel Base Point Osaka

Appearance, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Its location is great ! It’s very close to Namba station and along to outstanding Namba Nankai street.
So you never have trouble with your meals 🙂

And it’s easy to find the accommodation. There’s signboard on the street (in the daytime only).

Signboard, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Nevertheless such a location, the price is so inexpensive. Dormitory is 2800 yen. And they accept tourists from various countries. Of course, English is OK.

Fee, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

As soon as you open the door, the front desk welcome you. This photo was taken in the morning, so no one was there. But of course, there’s staff for check-in.

Front, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Rooms are upstairs.
Ladies room is on the 2nd floor and always locked. You can get the key when you check in.

Stairs, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Ladies room have wash stand, locker, and bed.
Wash stand.

Wash stand, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Bunk beds are on both sides. Though the room is narrow, there was no problem for me because I stayed in the room for two nights only 🙂

Room, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

My bed. Outlet and low shelves available.

bed, Hostel Base Point Osaka (Namba)

Wifi is available in the building. They have refrigerator, TV on the ground floor.
Shower and rest room is outside of the room.

I want to stay again when I have trouble with finding hotels at inexpensive price 🙂

This accommodation is very close to those shops and restaurants.
You can have everything :p

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About Hostel Base Point Osaka

Address / 2-11-17 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Namba station (Nankai dentetsu, JR, Osaka municipal subway)
Websites / (in English)
Reservation /, Expedia,

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