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[Osaka] Shitenno-ji temple (四天王寺)


We went to Shitennoji temple (四天王寺) close to after we ate tonkatsu at Manje.

They are said to be one of the seven temples that were erected by Prince Shotoku.

The seven temples are…
Horyu-ji temple (法隆寺, Nara)
Koryu-ji temple (広隆寺, Kyoto)
Hokki-ji temple (法起寺, Nara)
Shitenno-ji temple (四天王寺, Osaka)
Chugu-ji temple (中宮寺, Nara)
Tachibana-dera temple (橘寺, Nara) * Prince Shotoku’s birthplace
Katsuragi-ji temple (葛木寺, Nara) * Now not exists

Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) says it was build in 593. They are said to be one of the oldest temple in Japan as same as Asuka temple (Asuka-ji temple). But it suffered from fire again and again and as you see, every architectures were rebuilt and still new. This temple is dedicated to Kuse Kannon Bosatsu (救世観音菩薩).

Chozuya (手水舎)
Nio-mon gate (仁王門)

It is said that Yoshitsune Minamoto stand his armor(=yoroi) against this pine tree and took a rest.

“Yoshitsune Yoroi-kake matsu” (義経よろい掛け松)
Well (井戸)

Extra charge (400 yen) is needed to enter this area including five-storied pagoda. But it is well worth entering there. By the way, it is said that the place name of “Tennoji” is from this Shitenno-ji temple.

Five-storied pagoda(五重塔)

I got Goshuin here, too. “大悲殿 (Daihiden)”



Name Shitennoji temple (四天王寺)
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