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Closed – [Funabashi] Parfait and sandwich at Sausalito (サウサリート)


Funabashi have several old kissaten around the station. Sausalito (サウサリート) is one of those kissaten. And I went to there with my friend the other day. The green signboard is attracting. Its appearance is like Latins bar, and actually, there’s a bar having same name near the station and they are famaily.

The shop is so large enough to be held concert. But quarter part of the room don’t be used. Sausalito is a little far from the station, so the shop seems not have much guests. The shopkeeper wouldn’t like to have much guests because there is no waiter except him 😛

I drunk hot tea. Orange Pekoe. The orange flavor was good.

Orange pekoe (オレンジペコ) 400 yen

Recently, I like crab cream croquette under the influence of Odayasu. So, when I found the word on the menu, I ordered it without hesitation. This crab cream croquette sandwich was too much to be served because they cook it after they took order.

Crab cream croquette sandwich (カニクリームコロッケサンド) 700 yen

So, those croquette was melting ! Sooo tasty. And my friend ordered Chocolate parfait.

Chocolate parfait (チョコレートパフェ) 650 yen

From its looking and tastes, this is old-style parfait. I know its taste very well. I used to eat such a parfait when my childhood.

By the way, I hate banana and citrus fruit together in the glass because banana become sour !


Name Sausalito ! (サウサリート!)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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