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[Motoyawata] Standing bar Tachinomi Watarai (立呑 わたらい)


New stand-up-drinking izakaya is open close to my home. The shop’s name is Tachinomi Watarai (立呑わたらい). They are open from 2 p.m. So, we can drink in the daytime 😉 The interior can be seen well from outside, so, it’s easy to enter the shop !

They are third branch of Masuyama in Funabashi that is very popular cheap izakaya.

This is the first stand-up-drinking shop by them.
Also there’s 2nd branch named “Magoshi” in Motoyawata close to Watarai.

There’s regular menu by strips of paper on the wall. It is as same as Masuyama. Most foods is around 200 yen. So inexpensive ! The most inexpensive food is simmered egg (煮玉子, 100 yen). The most expensive food on the regular menu is assorted 3 sashimi (刺身3点盛り, 500 yen).

Alcoholic drinks menu. From 230 yen. “ハイ” have Kinmiya shochu.

Draft beer is 300 yen. Another Japanese sake (250 yen), Sesame shochu (280 yen) and so on.

Another, there’s white board menu of the day.

Because they’re inexpensive stand-up-drinking shop, reservation is unavailable. And we don’t need to pay table charge. There’s no chair. Also counter tables there. The interior is simple. Everything is tidy because it is still new. Many people visit there alone or with one friend.
Smoking is permitted. But there’re not many people smoking. I think many people want to eat and drink quickly.

The most inexpensive drink. Chuhai cost 230 yen. Chuhai is Shochu and soda. Simple. So, it go with all foods. Not too strong.

Chuhai (酎ハイ) 230 yen

This is Suppa Lemon. “Suppa” means sour. Shochu and lemon extracts. Its name sounds so sour. But it’s not too sour. Don’t worry. Not too strong, too. Rather weak like juice for me.

Suppa Lemon (すっぱレモン) 250 yen

Suppa Lemon don’t have fresh lemon. If you want to have fresh lemon, they have Fresh lemon Hai (生レモンハイ, Shochu and fresh lemon juice, 300 yen).

Kakuhai is KAKU whiskey (角) produced by SUNTRY and soda. It’s stronger than expected. If you want to drink something strong alcoholic drinks at this shop, this Kakuhai is good. It went with grilled squid legs and deep fried foods well.

Kakuhai (角ハイ) 250 yen

Matcha hai is, do you imagine ? Yes. Shochu and matcha juice 🙂 They have large bottled matcha juice in the refrigerator and mix it with shochu. Contrary to its appearance, it’s not powdery and don’t have strong tastes of matcha. Thanks to matcha juice, it’s easy to drink. Well, as well as suppa lemon, it’s like juice.

Matcha hai (抹茶ハイ) 250 yen

I was brought to the place close to this large hotpot. Simmered tofu, simmered egg, Chikuwabu and so forth in it. So, I couldn’t avoid having something. So, I ordered simmered tofu.

Unexpectedly large tofu was served. And small piece of pork meat was on it. Though the surface of the tofu was seasoned strongly, the inside was white. So, the degree of seasoning is best.

Simmered tofu (肉豆腐) 200 yen

There’s large hotpot next to the hotpot of simmered tofu. It have simmered giblet. Simmered giblet in the hotpot looks greasy. But simmered giblet in the bowl that served to me was not greasy but rich tastes of giblets. It had konjak (things like jelly), daikon radish, carrots and so on. I ate it up. And drunk it up.

Simmered giblet (Nikomi / 煮込み) 200 yen

I chose some from on the whiteboard menu. Firefly squid is my delight. So, I ordered it. Cartilages weren’t removed. And some eyes weren’t removed, but the tastes was good.

Marinated firefly squid in soy sauce, Okizuka style (ほたるいかの沖漬け) 250 yen

They have much species of deep fried foods. I chose squid leg karaage from them. It was crisp and good !

Squid leg karaage (ゲソの唐揚げ) 250 yen

Yes, I’m squid lover. So, I ordered grilled squid leg after eating up squid legs karaage. The burnt smell of squid is squid lover killer ! I ate it up quickly.

Grilled squid let (ゲソ焼き) 250 yen

The most expensive food that I have eaten at this shop. Mentai omelet. Mentai is mentaiko (marinated cod roe in spicy sauce). You can see small eggs of cod roe from the outside.

Mentai omelet (明太オムレツ) 350 yen

But there’s more mentaiko in it ! If you love mentaiko, this is must food ! And half-cooked egg was good, too ! Eating it without anything is of course, good. But eating it with grated daikon radish on the dish and with shichimi pepper is good, too.

I like this mentai omelet very much. And also simmered tofu, grilled squid legs. I want to eat this three foods everytime I visit there !


Name Tachinomi Watarai (立呑わたらい)
Open Afternoon to night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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