[Chiba] Margherita 500 at Perte (ペルテ)

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I heard there’s a splendid Napoli-style pizzeria within walking distance from JR Inage station. They are the restaurant. Perte (ペルテ). They are cozy and stylish restaurant.

Perte is in the residential area.

They were open in 2019. They are already one of the most popular restaurant in Inage and it’s hard to eat their pizza without reservation. The chef and manager won Japan Napoli-style pizza championship in 2018. It’s the championship of marinara and margherita. The chef won the 1st prize of margherita.

It takes about 5 minutes walk from JR Inage station. We have only to go straight from the Eastern gate of the station. It’s easy to go.

We thought they are small restaurant from outside, and actually, they are so small. They have three tables having four or two chairs. And there’re four counter seats without gap. Those tables are smaller, too. Once you are seated along the wall, it’s hard to move.

Also the counter table is shallow. It’s not comfortable. They are the restaurant only for enjoying their pizza. Not to enjoy the time of lunch and dinner. You’d better reserve in advance because they don’t have much seats. They accept reservation for lunch and dinner. Also they accept TO GO.

At lunch time, one drink is included in all pizza. Basically, they require to order one pizza by one person.

This is appetizer and drinks menu.

They prepare several wines.

They have two Margherita. One is normal (1500 yen) and another is Margherita 500 having buffalo mozzarella. Margherita 500 is the pizza that the chef won the 1st prize at the championship. They said many of first comers visit for eating Margherita 500.

Margherita 500 (マルガリータ500) 2400 yen

This pizza have abundant flavor of basil and tomato. And the texture of buffalo mozzarella is smooth. They use special ingredients for this pizza. And the edge dough is crisp but inside have springy texture. The dough is awesome,too.

By the way, this name Margherita 500 came from 500 points. The chef got full marks 500 point at the championship.

I had coke. One drink is included at lunchtime. Valuable.

Coke included in Pizza

I shared this assorted dish with my friend. It’s like field. All vegetables, uncured ham, soup was good. But it was too much for us. We thought we should not to fill our stomach with vegetables and have one more awesome pizza.

Assorted dish (前菜盛り合わせ) 2600 yen


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