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[Matsuhidai] Shirakawa ramen at branch of Tora Shokudo (とら食堂分店)


I visited Matsuhidai in Matsudo area to eat Shirakawa-style ramen. The shop’s name is Tora Shokudo Matsudo branch (とら食堂 松戸分店). Their head shop is Shirakawa of Fukushima. This Matsudo branch is only their branch. This was the first time to visit Matsuhidai. I was surprised when we got to the station. Nothing. There’s nothing ! And Tora Shokudo is in front of the station.

Though the shop stands on such a rural area, there were much people waiting in front of the shop from the opening time. They have two types of soup. Shoyu ramen and sio ramen.

Recently I like shio ramen very much, so I ordered Sio ramen with wonton and half-boiled egg. The wonton was springy and good.

Sio ramen with wonton and half-boiled egg (塩ワンタン麺味玉入り) 950 yen

The narrow noodles was good, too. The soup was seasoned lightly. Though both noodles and soup was good, I thought this noodles don’t go with the soup.

And it is Shoyu ramen with roast pork, wonton and half-boiled egg. As well as sio ramen, it was seasoned lightly. But it went with noodles well.

Shoyu ramen with roast pork, wonton and half-boiled egg (焼豚ワンタン麺味玉入り) 1100 yen

This “の” is cute 🙂

There are chopped onions in a bottle on the table. The waitress said, “please put them into the soup on the way and enjoy the change of tastes”. So, I did. The onion added refreshing tastes.


Name Tora Shokudo Matsudo branch (とら食堂 松戸分店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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  1. sowilo3 says:

    If you come across the recipe for ramen I’m all ears 🙂 I love these soups but I never quite make them the way Japanese do

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