[Tokyo Disneyland] Popcorns at The BIG POP

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Speaking of popcorns in Disneyland, I remember all shops are in wagons. But there’s only one shop in the house. This is the shop. The BIG POP. BIG POP sells three kinds of popcorns. We don’t have to reserve in advance now. We needed to reserve when they have started their business. They are located close to Cinderella castle.

Their interior is based on “Universe”. Its theme is big bang. I heard we can enjoy the view of popcorn making. But we couldn’t.

Colorful popcorns are in those boxes. It attract us.

They sell three popcorns. Caramel and cheese, Strawberry milk, and cookie cream. Regular Box cost 500 yen, and refill is 700 yen.

We can get almost all buckets in the shop.

I bought caramel + cheese popcorn in the regular box. I ate sweet caramel popcorn and salty cheese popcorn alternatively. I felt I can eat forever. It’s crisp and delicious.

I tasted cookie cream popcorn, too. It’s good, too. The flavor of cacao was good.


Name The BIG POP
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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