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[Tokyo] Pork sashimi at Kompei (もつ焼 こん平) in Nishi-Ojima


Eating raw pork will be banned from next month in Japan. Before that, we had farewell party at Hyottoko and Kompei. I posted about the farewell party at Hyottoko last time. Today, I post about at Kompei (もつ焼 こん平). Kompei (or Konpei) is located close to Kameido station and Nishi-Ojima station. And they are long-established izakaya.

This is the menu. Motsuyaki, sashimi and another foods.

Meal, soup and drinks.

This is assorted giblet sashimi. Many people order it at first. We, too. I ate it with Japanese sake 🙂

Assorted giblet sashimi (もつ刺し盛り合わせ) 1200 yen

From left to right, uterus, stomach, head, tongue and liver. Everything was good, but liver was top all the same.

So, we ordered tongue and liver sashimi again. Delicious. I’m really sad that we can’t be able to eat such a awesome foods in Japan.

Liver (レバ刺) and tongue (タン刺) 450 yen each

We ate nikomi, too. Nikomi is a simmered giblet. And it have tofu, too. It’s seasoned with miso. so it’s like miso soup.

Nikomi (Simmered giblets and tofu / もつ煮込み豆腐) 450 yen

And we ate liver as grilled, too. Grilled one is good, too.

Liver (レバ) 130 yen per one


Name Kompei (もつ焼 こん平)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable

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