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[Tokyo] Rooftop garden of Toyosu Market (豊洲市場)


Recently, whenever I visit Toyosu Market, I dropp in at the rooftop of Fish Intermediate Wholesale Market (Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba) building after having breakfast. Especially it’s so comfortable when the weather is fine. I just stay at only for 5 to 10 minutes, but I always visit there because I want to see this view !

The roof garden is on the rooftop of Fish Intermediate Wholesale Market
I posted about how to get to the restaurant area in Fish Intermediate Wholesale Market. But if you want to the rooftop, you must not go straight into the building.

There’s an elevator on the left on your way to the building.
So, go up to 5th floor with the elevator.Or go upstairs in front of the elevator.

There’s an elevator on the left of man in a pink shirt.

There’s also a sign of “Roof Garden”. So you can go there with easily.

It’s wonderful place. Especially the daytime when the weather is fine.
But there’s no roof for avoiding rainfall, and there’s no benches and chairs.

The most attracting me is Tokyo Tower ! Tokyo Tower could be seen from here !
That is Shiba-Daimon Roppongi.

Tokyo Tower ! We can see clearly from here. Though we can’t see Tokyo Tower clearly from Kachidoki bridge now, instead of that, such a new nice view spot is on the rooftop of Toyosu Market !

Tsukiji. Nothing concerning Tsukiji couldn’t be see from here because there’s no tall building in Tsukiji.

Harumi. Tsukiji bridge and Harumi bridge.


And Housui (The warehouse of Wholesales)

Much buildings are under construction.

Some guards come to the rooftop and watch.
Eating at there is prohibited.(Drink is OK)
And staying overnight is prohibited, too.

You can lie down a bit 🙂

There’s an elevator over there. You can do gown on Toyosu Gururi Park with it.

Also this park is nice place, too. But there’s few gate. Once you walk toward Toyosu, you have to go through the underpass of Harumi bridge. If you don’t want to go further there, you’d better come back to the elevator. (Actually, I walked to there.
Too far ! :()


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