[Tokyo] Oden at Maruken Suisan (丸健水産) in Akabane

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Akabane is outstanding place where we can drink alcoholic drinks from morning at inexpensive price. If you go to Akabane with 1000 yen, you can drink and eat ! Maruken Suisan (丸健水産) is oden shop along the shopping street. Many people visit there to buy oden.

And also they have some tables to eat and drink. They sell alcoholic drinks (what is called a “koppu-zake”). So, we can drink alcoholic drinks with oden at there.

Of course, we don’t have to buy something to drink. They are oden shop. When we got to there, at first, we ordered some oden. We didn’t order drinks.

This is beef sinew and hanpen. The white things are hanpen. It’s minced fish meat cake. It have spongy texture. It melted in my mouth lightly.

Beef sinew (牛すじ, 220 yen), hanpen (はんぺん, 110 yen)

The soup stock was colored lightly. It looks weak ? No. It have abundant flavor of fishes and chickens. The soup soaked into the daikon radish and egg. If you can’t decide what to eat from a variety of oden at the shop, they prepare assorted oden set at 800 yen and those hanpen, egg and daikon radish might be included in the set.

Daikon radish (大根, 105 yen), Egg (玉子, 105 yen)

If you drink alcoholic drinks, I recommend you order Koppu-zake (Inexpensive Japanese sake). Of course just drinking with oden is GOOD, and last, bring the glass and say to staffs, “Dashiwari please”. Staffs pour the soup stock into your glass 😉


Name Maruken Suisan (丸健水産)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
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