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[Tokyo] Farewell raw pork meat at Yakiton Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ) in Ningyocho


Serving raw pork meats is prohibited from this June 12nd by law in Japan. Already raw beef meats is forbidden. Strictly speaking, serving those raw meats itself is not forbidden, but they have to cook them under harsh rule, so it is actually impossible to serve raw meats for ordinary restaurants. Only exclusive restaurants can serve it under the rule at higher price now.

Because of serious food poisoning at cheap yakiniku restaurant chain store a few years ago, the government moved to strengthen the regulation of serving raw beef meats. And then many restaurants served raw pork meats that is said to be fore dangerous than beef,  instead of beef.

Yakiton Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ) will quit to serve meats as raw, too. So we visited this them to bid farewell to raw meats.

When we got to there just before 6 p.m., there was already fully packed. There are only three tables and it can be reserved if you go there before 6 p.m., so we tried to reserve in advance, but reservation was already full. After a while, we found there were much people following us.

We waited for one hour and 30 minutes or so. Finally ! We were three. But there was space only for two persons along the counter table and the staff put one pipe chair between two chairs and we managed to keep our space. On entering the house, we ordered our drinks and some raw meats ! I ordered Shikuwasa sour. Shikuwasa is Okinawan fruits. It’s very sour.

Shikuwasa sour (シークワーサーサワー)

Our raw meat ! Last raw meat !

Pork tongue sashimi is limited one dish per one group.

Pork tongue sashimi (タン刺し) 600 yen

Assorted 3 innards sashimi. Pork liver, heart and uterus. Everything was great. The uterus was boiled lightly.

Assorted 3 parts of sashimi (もつ刺し3点盛り) 1000 yen

Why Japanse love raw meats ? I know. Foods specialists erase just wild smells of those fresh meats and serve them to us with savory ramain. Seafood, too.

Besides meats, this baked atsuage tofu is popular. Especially, it seems to win middle-aged men’s heart and mind 🙂

Baked atsuage tofu (厚揚げ焼き) 650 yen

Giblet stew.

Giblet stew (特製もつ煮込み) 480 yen

And otoshi (We forgot its exists for a while) This fresh cabbage and cucumber was good at the intervals of meats.


Umm.. We ordered too much ! Our space was too narrow though ! But I added Japanese sake 🙂

Japanese sake

When we added liver sashimi and were satisfied with raw meats, one group at the table left. So we moved to the table ! Wide table is comfortable 🙂

Potato salad.

Potato salad (ポテトサラダ) 450 yen

And we ordered some grilled foods. Asparagus.

Grilled asparagus on the wire net (アスパラ網焼き) 450 yen

Stuffed bell peppers. It’s my delight !

Stuffed bell peppers (ピーマン肉詰め) 250 yen per one

Hyottoko-style chazuke. It had baked onigiri in it ! Delicious soup stock !

Hyottoko-style ochazuke (ひょっとこ茶漬け) 500 yen

Last, we ordered yakiton (grilled pork giblets).

Assorted five yakiton (おまかせやきとん) 650 yen

Liver was rare ! Almost raw ! But I think they are going to cook the inside more.

Ah, we were really sad that we can’t eat such a delicious raw meat in Japan ! Korea… I know we can eat raw meat in Korea…. Next trip is Korea ? 🙂


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