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[Akihabara] Anko naan and spicy curries at Aarti (アールティ)


I had wanted to go Aarti Indian Restaurant (アールティ) in Akihabara area for a long time, and finally my wish came true ! My friend who is a regular customer of there reserved for us.
About 13 or 14 people who wanted to go Aarti gathered ! We reserved a group room, and it was fully packed by our large group 🙂

They serve many kinds of beers from all over the world, not only from India. I chose San Miguel from Philippines.

San Miguel (サンミゲール)

We toasted and chatted with papad.

Papad (パパド)

By the way, this course was special one that my friend ordered specially. At first, Creamy tomato soup was served.

Creamy tomato soup (トマトクリームスープ)

Lamb chop was so spicy and delicious and it went with the beer well. But my hands were all sticky with the sauce !

Lamb chop (ラムチョップ)

This is Aloo Tikki. I didn’t know about this foods. It’s deep fried potato, chickpeas, coriander with tamarind sauce. It’s Indian Junk foods. It’s addictive !

Aloo Tikki (アルティッキ)

Then three curries were served.

Chicken curry
Spinach curry
Bean curry

Everything was so spicy. I knew later, they cook unusually spicy by mistake.Well, I love spicy foods, so I was glad.

This anko naan is special. My friend brought her favorite anko to the restaurant and chefs cooked in special. It’s Indian anpan ? They served it in the past. But now it isn’t on the menu. This sweet naan unexpectedly went with those spicy curries !

Anko naan (あんこナン)

Last, biriyani was served with yogurt. It’s not spicy and rather mild.

Biryani (ビリヤニ)

It cost about 4500 yen in all (including anko fee) That was really fun and everything was good. I want to visit there at lunchtime, too. One of the participant recommended me prawn curry at lunchtime.


Name Aarti Indian Restaurant (アールティ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Twitter

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