[Tokyo] Pork sashimi at Kompei (もつ焼 こん平) in Nishi-Ojima

Eating raw pork will be banned from next month in Japan. Before that, we had farewell party at Hyottoko and Kompei. I p...

[Tokyo] Farewell raw pork meat at Yakiton Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ) in Ningyocho

Serving raw pork meats is prohibited from this June 12nd by law in Japan. Already raw beef meats is forbidden. Strictly...

[Tokyo] Butagoya (豚小家) in Koiwa

I had dinner with my friends at Butagoya (豚小家) near Koiwa station. They serve charcoal-grilled foods at lower price. Th...
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