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Closed – [Tsukiji] Simple ramen at Inoue (井上)


Notice: Inoue is temporarily closed because of big fire.
(August 19, 2017)

I know most popular ramen shop in Tsukiji is Inoue (井上). They stand along Monzeki street. They are stand-up-eating shop. From this picture, left side is eating space and there are also eating space along the road.

Inoue have only one menu. Just ramen.

So, I paid 850 yen and waited in front of table. After a few minutes, my ramen came.

Ramen (中華そば) 850 yen

About six thinly slices of roasted pork in the bowl. And bamboo shoot, radish sprout and green onions. It was very simple soy sauce ramen. I like this curly noodles, but the soup was a little bit weak for me. Grated garlic and black pepper was prepared on the table, so I put them on the ramen.


Name Inoue (井上)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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