Moved – [Akihabara] Curry no Trico (カレーノトリコ)

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I went to Curry no Curry no Trico (カレーノトリコ) in Akihabara area. Their curry is novel, so I had wanted to visit there for a long time !

I got to there 10 minutes before the opening time, there were already around 10 people waiting in front of the shop. Fortunately, I could be seated last chair. I was relieved.

The shop have only one L-shaped counter table along the kitchen. Two staffs keep working in hurry and never stop.

This is the menu. So simple. They have three curries. Indian curry (インド風カレー), dry curry with beef tendon (牛すじドライカレー) and aigake curry (あいがけカレー). “Aigake” means double. “Aigake curry” is Indian curry and dry curry together on the dish.

Indian curry have one topping chosen from chicken, beef tendon, Indian beans, vegetables and shrimps. And more, you can have extra topping with 150 yen.

And the first comer can chose degree of spiciness between 1 and 10 only. I heard that their curry don’t very spicy, so 10 is better if you like spicy foods.

I ordered Aigake curry. Indian curry was like soup curry. And there were much spices ! I ordered my Indian curry with level 5 of spiciness. So, it wasn’t so spicy, but I was choked by the spice.

Aigake curry (あいがけカレー) 1200 yen

And I chose chicken topping. Chicken is their best recommendation. It was soft and tasty 😉

Dry curry. It had natural sweetness of minced meat and mild tastes. Also plenty of deep fried onion was good, too.

They say it is “Indian curry”, but it have Japanese soup stocks and it had something Japanese tastes. And much Indian spices. We can’t eat it except this shop. Just Curry no Torico. Their unique curry.


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