Takahata-fudo : Short trip for Indian dinner

Oyster curry, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo) Tokyo
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My friend invited me to dinner at Indian foods restaurant, Anjuna close to Takahata-Fudo station.
Takahata-Fudo station is larger than expected and I couldn’t find my exit.
Nevertheless the restaurant can be reached within one minutes walk, I lost my way 😛
I took more five minutes to the restaurant.

Appearance, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


It took so much time from my home to Takahata-fudo. It took about two hours one way.

When I got to the restaurant just before the appointment time, almost all people already arrived there and chatted.

Everyone who wanted to drink something alcoholic drinks wanted to drink KingFisher at first.
So, I ordered it, too.

King fisher (キングフィッシャー, 600 yen)

King fisher, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Papad (パパド) as otoshi.

Papad, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Because I got tired from long journey and I got lost. So, I was just daydreaming for a while.
During that, my friend who is regular customer of the restaurant finished order and some foods came soon.

Pickled chicken (チキンのピクルス, 460 yen)

Pickled chicken, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


This had sharp sourness and the umbrella looks cute 🙂

Spicy french fry (スパイシーフライドポテト, 450 yen)

Spicy french fry, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


It was spicy as its name.

Assorted tandoori foods (タンドール盛り合わせ, 2000 yen)

Assorted tandoori foods, Anjuna (TAkahata-fudo)


I refrained from eating this naan. And it cause me to success !

Shrimp rassam (海老ラッサム)

Lassam with shrimp, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


My friend’s recommendation. That’s awesome. I want to drink it in a big bowl 😛

Someone said, “Well, let’s have red wine !”
I got influence again !
SULA White(スラ白ワイン, 2100 yen)

Sula, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)

んじゃあ、今度は白ワイン!な空気にまたも流され白ワインにヽ(´ー`)ノビール残っててもワインも確保する欲張りさ~(ノ∀`) スラはインドの代表的なワインですね。

And then,
Oyster biryani (牡蠣のビリヤニ) came !
This have to be reserved in advance. As you see this is so large, small group can’t order. So my friend who is regular customer here excited and said it is hard for him to eat it.

Oyster biryani, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


And then curries came.

Pork vindaloo (ポークビンダルー, 900 yen)

Pork vindaloo, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


It didn’t have much sourness and was easy to eat.

Mutton Jalfrezi (マトンジャルフレージ, 1180 yen)

Chicken Jalfrezi, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


I heard “Jalfrezi” is “broiled”. Certainly it didn’t have much water.

Oyster curry (牡蠣のカレー, 1200 yen)

Of course, this is seasonal menu. Only now.

Oyster curry, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Limited Beef chili masala (ビーフチリマサラ, 1300 yen)

beef chili masala, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


I could eat much because I didn’t eat naan at the first of this dinner 🙂

Saag mutton (サグマトン, 1180 yen)

Keema Saag, Anjuna (TAkahata-fudo)

Also naan.
Cheese naan (チーズナン, 460 yen)

Cheese naan, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Cheese melting !

Keema naan (キーマナン, 460 yen)

Keema naan, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Its looking was same as cheese naan 😛

As dessert. Chai pudding  (チャイプリン, 420 yen).

Chai pudding, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Cheese naan (カブリナン, 500 yen)

Kaburi naan, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Raisin and nuts in it. So we ate it as dessert.

Last, we had chai (チャイ).

Chai, Anjuna (Takahata-fudo)


Everything was tasty, but it’s a little bit far from my home all the same. If I have a chance to visit near Chofu, I want to visit there again !

About Anjuna (アンジュナ)

Address / Universal Bldg 1F, 3-7 Takahata, Hino-shi, Tokyo
Station / Takahatafudo station (Keio dentetsu, Tama Toshi Monorail)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Mondays
Website / http://anjunacurry.blog.fc2.com/
Twitter / @anjuna18



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