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[Tokyo] Niboshi ramen at TAMURO (酒肴場 屯) in Shimbashi


TAMURO (酒肴場 屯) located in Shimbashi is a izakaya and they serve a variety of foods having ingredients from Aomori prefecture at dinner time. And they are open at weekdays lunchtime and serve niboshi ramen having niboshi (dried young sardines produced in Hachinohe mainly). So, I had lunch at there the other day. Speaking of ramen in Aomori, niboshi ramen is very popular all the same.

They are located on the 2nd floor of the building and it’s hard to find a bit. But this is a sign of the restaurant in front of the building. The shopkeeper is from Aomori. They have started lunch when Covid-19 was expanding and served niboshi ramen that they serve irregularly at dinner time.

There’re counter seats as soon as we enter the shop, and there’re some tables at the back of the room. They are rather small.

This is the lunch menu. They have English menu, too. But their menu at lunch time is that’s all. 津軽煮干し中華蕎麦 is a basic niboshi ramen. And another they have limited menu and they show about it on X(Twitter) .

Because I visited there for the first time, I ordered basic niboshi ramen. It was served in 5 minutes after I ordered. Beautiful. The clear soup having brown color have abundant smell of niboshi. If you love niboshi, you must be in heaven just this flvor.

Basic niboshi ramen (津軽煮干し中華蕎麦 味玉入り) 950 yen

It have roast pork, egg, menme (bamboo shoot), green onion, dried laver, and fu (wheat gluten). The boiled egg was cut into half. It’s half boiled egg. I like this condition of yolk. The roast pork was juicy and good.

The noodles are narrow. I think clear niboshi soup go with narrow noodles. So, this is my tastes. And this niboshi soup is not too strong. So, I recommend it to people who don’t eat niboshi ramen.


Name TAMURO (酒肴場 屯)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Website / X(Twitter) / Instagram

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