[Tokyo] Winter dinner at Spice Cafe (スパイスカフェ) in Oshiage

Yesterday was my birthday. I had dinner with my friend at Spice Cafe (スパイスカフェ) in Oshiage. Unfortunately it was heavy r...

Moved – [Tokyo] Oyster curry at Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ) in Kinshicho

I knew curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ) in Kinshicho serve oyster curry as weekly special curry on Twitter and I went to ther...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Kanagawa] Oysters at Ganesh (ガネーシュ) in Nokendai

We had dinner at Ganesh (ガネーシュ) in Nokendai. Nokendai is in Yokohama city of Kanagawa prefecture. Truthfully speaking, ...

[Tokyo] Winter tastes at Yamadaya (やまだや) in Tsukiji

I had dinner party with my friends at Yamadaya (やまだや). Here's Tsukiji. Of course, they have much fresh seafood, and als...
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