[Tokyo] Premium Malt’s at Kamiawa BAR (神泡BAR) close to Tokyo Station

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I visited Kamiawa BAR (神泡BAR) that was open in February 2019 close to Tokyo Station. Kamiawa BAR is a flagship shop of SUNTORY Premium Malts. And because it is managed by PRONT corporation, it’s easy atmosphere to visit.

I wanted to visit there ! This bar serve KAMIAWA that is known by this advertise ! Many people who walk in front of the shop were concern in this shop.

As soon as I entered the shop, “コ”-shaped counter table with beer taps welcomed me. here’re some screens and keep advertising Malt’s 🙂 Almost all staffs are ladies. Everyone cute 🙂

There’re round-shaped tables along wall and there’re tables having four chairs at the center of the shop. And wide tables are at the back of the shop. Unexpectedly this shop is larger than it seems from outside.

They show dinner time menu from 4 p.m. There’re suitable meat and pizza for beer on the menu. Of course, they have spaghetti, too. It’s available throughout business hour on weekends.

Not only beer but also they serve cocktails, highball at dinner time.

By the way, Kamiawa BAR serve 5 Kamiawa beer.

1. ”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ
KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s (580 yen)
2. ”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ<香る>エール
KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s KAORU ALE (580 yen)
3.”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ マスターズドリーム
KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s Master’s Dream (780 yen)
4. ”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ<ハーフ&ハーフ>
KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s Ale beer Half & Half (580 yen)
5. ”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ<黒>
KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s Ale beer Black (580 yen)


And another, they serve limited draft beer. When I visited there, they have The Premium Malt’s Master’s Gift (醸造家の贈り物, 580 yen).

Limited menu

And, they have another beer. Kamiawa MILKO (神泡ミルコ, 580 yen). It’s beer foam.
Their beer server can serve beer foam and beer separately. So, staffs who is beginner can serve KAMIAWA with ease.

The most popular and basic Premium Malt’s. KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s. It’s easy to drink. The foam was smooth. It was good. But this is KAMIAWA …? Because of keeping good foam, the temperature of beer wasn’t too cold.

KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s (”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ) 580 yen

Because I visited there, I thought I should drink it. KAMIAWA MILCO. As you see, almost all thing in the glass was foam. They are proud of this KAMIAWA MILCO. They highly recommend it. Of course, it is The Premium Malt’s. Logo is printed on the surface of the foam with printer just before serving. Ink is made of malt !

KAMIAWA MILCO (神泡ミルコ) 580 yen

Ink was weak just a little. I heard MILK is popular way of enjoying beer in Czech republic. Also Pilsen Alley serve MILCO beer in Ginza.

To tell the truth, I expected more foam, almost foam. But actually, 80 percent of beer was foam in the glass. The foam was really smooth and it had flavor of Malt’s. But many of thing was foam all the same, so I didn’t feel, “I’m drinking beer !”. And I drunk it up soon. So, I think it’s not for usual.

Though another beer don’t have something, this MILKO have small senbei with cheese. They said it’s suitable for MILCO.

KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s KAORU Ale. It had refreshing tastes and sweet a bit. The foam was smoother than normal Premium Malt’s above. I felt KAMIAWA.

KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s KAORU Ale (”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ 香るエール) 580 yen

Last, about limited beer. KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s Kaoru Ale Hojyun. They serve Kaoru Ale at all time, but this Hojyun is limited one. Its foam was awesome. It’s ideal KAMIAWA !

KAMIAWA The premium Malt’s Kaoru Ale Hojyun (”神泡”のザ・プレミアム・モルツ 香るエール 芳醇) 580 yen

It can be ordered at lunchtime, too. Hawaiian Pochiki. I didn’t know Pochiki. But there’s English explanation below the Japanese food name. “Spicy Hawaiian sausage”. So, I ordered it. As menu said, it was spicy and I couldn’t stop drinking beer. And Sauerkraut was sour and it went with beer, too. By the way, I examined while eating. Pochiki is Portuguese sausage. I have no idea… Hawaii ? Portuguese ? Which ?

Hawaiian Pochiki (ハワイアンポチキ) 390 yen

Beer chicken & Chips Plate (ビアチキン&チップスプレート, 780 yen) is really suitable for beer. The coating have The Premium Malt’s !

Beer chicken & Chips Plate (ビアチキン&チップスプレート) 780 yen

Both chicken and potatoes were just cooked. So juicy. It was served with ketchup and mayonnaise, but chicken was seasoned well and potatoes was salted, so, I didn’t use much of it.


Name Kamiawa BAR (神泡BAR)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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