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[Atagawa Onsen] Sashimi bowl at Nishiki (伊豆の味処 錦)

SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

We checked out just before the check-out time of our hotel, and then we went to Nishiki (伊豆の味処 錦) that is so popular izakaya in Izu-Atagawa.

We were looking forward to eating lightly minced horse mackerel bowl like tower that is so popular food at there ! I ate that several years before. It was so delicious and I was impressed by the looking. But ! Unfortunately, there was notice at the entrance. “We have no horse mackerel today”

I heard it is difficult to get horse mackerel recently because its cost is higher. But they serve seafood bowls and large number of foods !

So, I ordered squid and salmon roe bowl.

Squid and salmon roe bowl (いかいくら丼) 2700 yen

The squid was sweet and good. Of course, the salmon roe, too.

My friend ordered this. Sashimi bowl. Everything without sea urchin was well marinated and he said it was a little salty. Those were so fresh, so there’s no need to season strongly.

Seafood bowl (海の幸丼) 3025 yen

We shared this, too. Grilled mackerel. It’s good. I wanted to have non-vinegared rice. We can buy it to go without grilling.

Dried cold mackerel (Kan-saba) with salt (寒鯖の塩干し) 540 yen

After that, we visited Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗い弁財天) close to Nishiki. It had Atagawa onsen source instead of normal cold water. We washed our coins with the onsen and prayed in mind that our coin going to increase. It’s very hot, so we had to be careful with coins just after washing.


Name Nishiki (伊豆の味処 錦)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for opening time only
Credit card Available
URL Instagram

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