[Tokyo] Indian curry at Sristi Kachidoki (スリスティ勝どき店) in Kachidoki

I visited an Indian foods restaurant in the building "Kachidoki Sun Square" connected to Kachidoki station. This buildi...

[Motoyawata] Indian curry at Atithi (アティティ)

Motoyawata have lots of Indian foods restaurants. Especially Sapna and Athithi (アティティ) is so popular. I had lunch at At...

[Makuhari] Indian curry lunch at Dewan (デュワン)

There's Dewan's branch in Ichihara that is my hometown and it is rather popular restaurant in Ichihara district, but th...

[Tokyo] Curry lunch at Maharani (インド料理 マハラニ) in Nishi-Ojima

Well, I feel like eating spicy curry in hot days. Especially this year ! That's why I went to popular Indian foods rest...

[Motoyawata] Indian curry lunch at Sapna (サプナ)

I was satisfied with the cheese kulcha that I had at Khybel the other day. So I want to eat cheese kulcha near my house...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Kanagawa] Spring tastes at GANESH (ガネーシュ) in Nokendai

GANESH (ガネーシュ) is an Indian foods restaurant and located in Nokendai. They servespecial course twice in a year. Spring ...
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