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[Tokyo] 1pond steak at Kome to Steak (コメトステーキ) in Shin-Koiwa


I had lunch at Kome to Steak (コメトステーキ). It takes about 15 minutes walk from Shin-Koiwa station. As their name, they serve kome (rice) and steak only. Ticket venging machine have only 5 available buttons. 米とステーキ (rice and steak), 米とステーキ(よく焼き)(rice and steak with medium), ステーキだけ (steak only), ステーキだけ(steak with medium only) and 米だけ (rice only).

Though they are well-known as steak shop, they are proud of their rice because they were rice store. Rice is main dish. Steak is side dish :p Actually they sell rice.

There are 10 counter seats only and one chef do everything. It seemed hard work, but he did everything automatically. He put meat on the plate, fire, grill four slices of meats in all (two slices is one portion !). After a while, he fried sprouts, dish up rice, check the amount of rice by measures. He repeated, repeated, repeated. And cleaned dish.

The steak is 1 pond. 450 g. So, I thought I can’t eat up both rice and steak. So, I bought a ticket of Steak only. With rice and without rice is same price. 1600 yen. Everyone ordered rice and steak except me. So, I felt uncomfortable a bit. But it couldn’t be helped. I didn’t want to leave foods.

Steak only (ステーキだけ) 1600 yen

1 pond steak is overwhelming for me. The steak was medium rare. Delicious. It was seasoned quite strong. Well, it was seasoned for eating with rice. It was lean meat. Some tendon was remained. Though it was good, as the manager says, they don’t use top quality of meat. They serve hearty steak suitable for rice. And it’s too much for me. My jaw got tired. Everyone except me ate it up with easily.

Though I didn’t order rice, I got my friend’s rice a bit. Well, it need rice ! By the way, I knew we can take leftover meat and rice to home (We need to bring container though). Well, I’ll order both rice and steak next time !


Name Kome to Steak (コメトステーキ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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