[Toyosu Market] Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代)

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Finally, I visited new Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代) on the 3rd floor of Management building in Toyosu Market. Though I couldn’t get a chance to visit there just after the Market’s release, recently there’re many vacant seats in the weekdays’ morning.

I sometime feel like eating their fatty deep fried foods. There are many tables and some counter seats. Pigs on the signboard is cute.

I posted about how to get to management building (Kanri-to building) before.

They serve roast pork and egg on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. That was Tuesday. That’s so popular among visitors (especially mens). So, when I was there, about 90 % of people in the shop order roast pork and egg (almost 100 % was men !).

Though prices got higher than in Tsukiji, almost all foods are still on their menu. Large kuruma prawn set became 4500 yen ! Wow !

I always at a loss what to eat because there’re many foods on the menu.
But there’s a wonderful sentence among Yachiyo lovers when such a situation. “Choose C set without hesitation”.

C set have their top 3 foods. Deep fried horse mackerel, scallop and prawn. Now it cost 1700 yen. Ah, it was 1300 yen when I visited there for the first time in Tsukiji in 2012… :p

C Set (C定食)

Truthfully speaking, I couldn’t find it on the menu, but I tried to order. They accept. Maybe it is on the menu. Just I couldn’t find because I was sleepy. Especially the miso soup was delicious. I remember their miso soup wasn’t good in Tsukiji. They have got large kitchen, so I think they have enough space to cook not only deep fried foods but also another foods.

Deep fried horse mackerel was enough thick and delicious as usual. Its coating was crisp. I always eat half of it with mustard and another with tartar sauce. Of course there’s Worcester sauce, but I don’t like.

Though the kuruma prawn that day was quite smaller than I ate it last time, it was good. And scallop was… look at it. its inside is rare. So sweet 🙂

Deep fried oysters. There are some shops serving kakifurai in Winter in Toyosu Market. Especially, Yachiyo’s oysters have strong tastes of oysters. Though their oysters are smaller, I love this and I’m looking forward to having it on each season.

Deep fried oysters / kakifurai (カキフライ) 1800 yen

If you want to eat large kakifurai, I recommend Odayasu 🙂


Name Tonkatsu Yachiyo (とんかつ八千代)
Open Morning through noon
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