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[Ginza] Sushi Yuu (鮨由う) from Roppongi


Finally I visited new Sushi Yu (鮨由う) in Ginza moved from Roppongi ! Now they are on the 8th floor of the building close to Yabaton.

Though they are located along the large street, it’s difficult to find just a bit because there’s no large sign about the restaurant.

Their former room had L-shaped counter table, but now they have straight counter table having 8 seats. They have fancy atmosphere. There’s a kitchen at the back of the wall and the door is open when chefs hand dishes to the top chef.

And another, they have two private rooms. Both have counter table and those rooms is perfect one sushi restaurant each. Both have rest room, so guests can enjoy sushi apart from another guests.

Dinner course is 27500 yen. The course have some dishes and sushi. Weekdays’ lunch course cost 15400 yen. We had dinner course this time. And I added about five foods. I don’t remember clearly what I added. I had first drink highball. The whiskey is Chita. The coaster beside is made of Kawar. The chef said it’s very expensive, but it don’t absorb water at all, so it’s not good for coaster :p

Simmered daikon radish and rape flower. It’s the tastes of Spring.

And they are regular actors. Wakame seaweed and Mienoka tofu. Mineoka Tofu is a tofu having the sweetness of cones. I like it.

Wakame seaweed (わかめ), Mineoka tofu (嶺岡豆腐)

Shimaaji and hirame in boiled Japanese sake.

Shimaaji (Striped jack / シマアジ) and Hirame (flatfish / ヒラメ)

So.. I ordered Japanese sake. Tenbu. If you don’t know about Japanese sake well, they serve something suitable for foods. I always owe it to them.

Tenbu (天賦)

Octopus. It was simmered until soft. Delicious.

Octopus (タコ)

And then ginger pickles was served. It’s the sign of the time for sushi.

Gari (Ginger pickles / ガリ)

At first, Kasugo was served. Sushi Yu always serve Kasugo at first. They are proud of their kasugo. Certainly, it’s always awesome.

Kasugo (Young red sea bream / 春子鯛)

Chawanmushi. It have starchy soup on the chawanmushi. It had swordfish’s tatsutaage. Tatsutaage (竜田揚げ) is deep fried foods.

Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)


Unagi (Eel / 鰻)


Sardine (Iwashi / いわし)

The staff served me Hidakami. This sake is made for eating fishes.

Hidakami (日高見)

Pudding roll.

Pudding roll (Purin-maki / プリン巻き)

Minatoku maki. “Minato-ku” is Minto ward included in Roppongi. Current they are outside of Minato ward. Still it’s Minatoku maki :p Minatoku maki have crabs meat, sea urchin and caviar. The kind of crab is change by seasons. This crab was hair crab.

Minatoku maki (港区巻き)

Sweet potato and taranome tempura. It’s so crisp. Taranome is a sprout of Aralia. It’s bitter just a bit. It’s the tastes of Spring 🙂

Somehow my Japanese sake is disappear quickly. So, next. Izumo Fuji.

Izumo Fuji (出雲富士)

This is out of the course. Sea urchin and shiroebi swhrimp.

Sea urchin (Uni / うに) and Pasiphaea japonica (Shiroebi shrimp / 白海老)

Steamed Kue.

Steamed longtooth grouper (Kue / クエ)

Karasumi mochi. It’s out of the course, too. It’s mullet roe sanwiched with mochi. This is suitable for Japanese sake !

Mulelt roe sandwiched mochi (Karasumi mochi / からすみもち)

Boiled clam

Boiled clam (Nihama / 煮蛤)

Lean meat of tuna

Lean meat of tuna (Akami / 赤身)

Toro. Fatty part of tuna

Fatty part of tuna (Toro / トロ)

And globefish milt. It’s out of the course. This is my delight.

Globefish milt (ふぐの白子)

I mixed well. It’s the perfect way to enjoy this dish. The chef said.

Kuruma prawn

Kuruma prawn (Kurumaebi prawn / 車海老)

And another toro.

Fatty part of tuna (Toro / トロ)

Miso soup

Sea urchin

Sea urchin (Uni / うに)

Conger eel

Conger eel (Anago / 穴子)

Tamagoyaki. It’s sweet like Kasutera.

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)

And last, Fukumaki was served.

Nothing has changed about the quality of sushi and their hospitality. Of course, Mr. Ozaki’s talking, too ;). I was relieved.


Name Sushi Yu (鮨由う)
Open Lunch (weekdays only), Dinner
Reservation Required (Tablecheck, Tabelog)
Credit card Available
URL Facebook

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