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[Tokyo] Kakigori with Amanatsu syrup at Himitsudo (ひみつ堂) in Nippori


I went to Himitsudo (ひみつ堂) that is kakigori specialty shop just before GOLDEN WEEK has set in. This was the right decision. I heard that Himitsudo had long long waiting line throughout GOLDEN WEEK.

Himitsudo is kakigori shop and they serve kakigori all year around. Inside the shop is hot (not warm) to enjoy kakigori even in Winter. I rarely go to Himitsudo during summer because there are so many people gathering. And, I don’t feel like going out and waiting for kakigori during humid summer. So, now is the best season to eat kakigori for me.

This is the menu. Menu is above the kitchen. The staff welcomed me and took my order. And payment is advance. After you finish payment, the staff led you to seats.

I was seated at the counter seats.

I ordered milky kakigori with sweet Watson pomelo syrup. Sweet Watson pomelo is called Amanatsu in Japanese. Now is the best season of Amanatsu. This orange syrup was thick.

I ordered milky kakigori with sweet Watson pomelo syrup (甘夏みるく) 900 yen

So, I had to put it on the ice little by little so carefully. The syrup wasn’t sweet at all. Maybe it didn’t have sugar. So, it’s good for people who don’t like sweet syrup. But I wanted to eat more sweet one.

Of course, milky kakigori itself was sweet because of condense milk.

Himitsu-do’s menu is changed day by day. So, you’d better check their Twitter in advance. If you need any help, ask me 🙂


Name Himitsudo (ひみつ堂)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram, Twitter

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