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Closed – [Tsukiji Market] Oyster hotpot at Kato (和食かとう)


There are some oysters that should be eaten at least one time in each year in Tsukiji Market. Kato (かとう) have one of the oysters. Katou have sashimi, grilled fishes, boiled fishes and so on.

And they have some oysters in Winter only. One is this. Kaki dofu. Kaki dofu is oysters hotpot. It have tofu, seaweed, Chinese cabbage and so on. It have about 10 oysters. That day’s oysters were from Mie prefecture. Oysters are still smaller this year.

Kaki dofu (牡蠣豆腐) 1500 yen

Though those oysters were smaller, but the tastes of oysters were rich. I was very glad because I didn’t expect it had plenty of oysters like that 🙂 It’s named hotpot, but it’s in the normal bowl. So, it got lukewarm soon.


Name Kato (かとう)
Open Morning through Daytime
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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