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[Toyosu Market] Coffee break at Kimuraya (木村家)


I mostly visit Toyosu market now once every week. Recently there’s no crowds early in the weekdays’ morning. So I can have coffee break after breakfast slowly. Speaking of coffee in the market, Kimuraya (木村家) was hard to visit because of the exclusive appearance (Of course, actually they welcomed all people) But in Toyosu, they are now such an affable atmosphere !

Kimuraya is in the restaurant area on the 3rd floor of administration building (Kanritou bldg). I posted about how to get to administration building before.

There’s a window in the shop. You can see Wholesale market building from there. Thanks to this window and no door, Kimuraya is really easy to join. There’s only 5 seats with 2 tables. And another, there’s 2 tall tables for standing.

This is menu. Now they have English menu, too.

“American coffee” is weaker than normal blended coffee in each shops in Japan. But I know genuine American coffee is very strong :p

Now they have similar rules with Dotour and Starbucks. They take order at the cashier and hand drink to guests. They have coffee machine. You can get your drink quickly. Hot drink is served in paper cup, and cold drink is in plastic cup. There’s a microwave. I think it’s for cutlet sandwich.

As well as in Tsukiji, they sell a variety of breads. Sandwich, sweet breads, onigiri, sushi roll… Umm. I think they prepare more foods than in Tsukiji because they have more space to put merchandises.

This jam sandwich is simple but looks delicious. I want to try it once. I think it’s helpful for workers in the market.

Though I miss very hot milk coffee in the glass that I had at Kimuraya in Tsukiji, but I’m glad that I can visit there with easily because of their current atmosphere and price. Cafe latte was good. Because this paper cup is thin, coffee become less hot quickly. Well, it’s mean “Not stay long”. Well, I understand, here is market :p

Cafe latte (カフェラテ) 350 yen

You can take it to roof garden on the market. (Drink is OK, Food is unavailable in the garden) It takes about 5 minutes from the cafe, so I’m sure it’s not hot at all when you get to there. But it’s comfortable with fine view and coffee !


Name Kimuraya (木村家)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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