Sashimi Bowl / 海鮮丼 / 魚生丼


[Osaka] Uoichi Shokudo (魚市食堂) in Kizu Market

Regularly I have breakfast at Toyosu Market. Of course, I visit local market during trip. I stayed in Daikokucho area t...

Moved – [Tokyo] Umi no sachi Sho (海の幸 翔~Musuko~) in Akihabara

I visited Akihabara to have lunch at Umi no sachi Sho ~Musuko~ (海の幸 翔~Musuko~). They serve fresh seafood and serve sash...

[Hakodate] Sashimi bowl at Kikuyo Shokudo (きくよ食堂)

Whenever I stay in Hakodate, I eat fresh seafood as breakfast outside my hotel. Kikuyo Shokudo (きくよ食堂 本店) is one of my ...
SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

[Atami] Atami-Ekimae Osakanadon-ya (熱海駅前おさかな丼屋)

I visited Izu the other day, and I got off at Atami station on my way to Shimoda to have tuna bowl as lunch. But unfort...

[Tokyo] Mountain sashimi bowl at Edo fuji (江戸富士) in Ochanomizu

Because I felt like eating so much sashimi, I visited Edo fuji (江戸富士) in Ochanomizu. They are sushi restaurant and they...

[Tokyo] Zeitakudon at Tsujihan Nihonbashi (日本橋海鮮丼 つじ半 日本橋本店)

Tsujihan's gorgeous sashimi bowl is great. It's like a mountain of sashimi. At first, we eat it as it is, and then we pour soup stock into the bowl and eat as chazuke. They offer double delicious.

[Sapporo] Sashimi bowl at Kitano Gourmet (北のグルメ亭) in Sapporo Market

Sapporo City Wholesale Market is one of the MUST place to visit when you are in Sapporo. They sell a variety of seafood...

[Tsukiji] Sashimi bowl lunch at Kashigashira (河岸頭)

When I was asked by someone, "What is the No.1 sashimi bowl in Tsukiji at lunchtime ?", I'll definitely answer, "Kashig...

[Tsukiji] Tuna and sardine sashimi bowl at Hajime Sengyo-ten (はじめ鮮魚店)

Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店) in Tsukiji entirely quit posting about lunch menu of the day. Though we can't know about lunc...

[Tsukiji] Sashimi bowl at Tsukiji Tentatsu (つきぢ 天辰)

Now I'm exploring new lunch spot around Tsukiji and Kachidoki. There're many restaurants that serve sashimi bowl at lun...

[Tsukiji] 1000 yen sashimi bowl at Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店)

I felt like eating sashimi bowl the other day, so I went to Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店) in Tsukiji at lunchtime. Hajime S...

[Tsukiji] Valuable weekday’s lunch at Isuke (マグロ専門店 伊助)

New tuna specialty shop was open outside Tsukiji Market at the end of last year. And they have started to open at lunch...

[Tsukiji] Tuna and scallop bowl at Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店)

Recently I often go to Kashigashira for lunch during work and I don't go to Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店) so frequently as ...

[Tsukiji] First bonito at Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店)

I felt like fresh sashimi and headed to Tsukiji at lunchtime during work the other day. I want to have lunch at Tsukiji...

[Tsukiji] Yellow tail and squid at Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店)

Recently I usually have lunch at Hajime Sengyoten (はじめ鮮魚店) when I go to Tsukiji at workdays' lunchtime. There's no dou...
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