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[Tsukiji] Valuable weekday’s lunch at Isuke (マグロ専門店 伊助)


New tuna specialty shop was open outside Tsukiji Market at the end of last year. And they have started to open at lunchtime. So, I tried them. Their name is Isuke (マグロ専門店伊助). They are the neighborhood of Kichiya that is conger eel specialty restaurant.

Weekdays’ lunch menu. I decided to order the most inexpensive lunch set because this was the first time to eat at this restaurant.

When I ordered, the lady said to me that lunch set don’t have miso soup and they serve bony parts of tuna soup at 100 yen. So, I ordered it, too. The manager had meetings with staffs of TV station. They already seems to be featured by some medias. Because it was around 2 p.m., there were only a few groups in the house. My lunch was served quickly.

Makanaidon (まかない丼) 1000 yen + bony part of tuna soup (あら汁) 100 yen

Makanai means meals for staffs while they are working. Most makanai can be eaten quickly and being cooked with end pieces of ingredients. This set have two slices of marinated tuna 🙂

And tower of pieces of sashimi. There were tuna, yellow tail and so on. At first, I ate it with soy sauce with wasabi.

And the soup had large meats of tuna.

After I ate half of it, I put slices of marinated tuna on the rice and poured grated yam. Though it looks not good, but it was delicious. I love it.


Name Isuke (マグロ専門店 伊助)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available (except weekdays’ lunchtime)
Credit card Unavailable

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