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[Sapporo] Sashimi bowl at Kitano Gourmet (北のグルメ亭) in Sapporo Market


Sapporo City Wholesale Market is one of the MUST place to visit when you are in Sapporo. They sell a variety of seafoods and there are many shops serving fresh seafood. So, I visited there when I went to Sapporo. Nevertheless the bad weather, there were so many tourists.

The closest station is Nijyuyonken station (subway). We can walk to there from Sapporo station. But it was bad weather, I took subway.

I didn’t search for any shops well in advance. So, I entered the shop that looks good. The shop’s name is Kita no Gourmet (北のグルメ亭). I knew this shop because they are so popular and large. So, I thought they are acceptable.

The crab named “Kanippi” welcomed me🦀

They sell their products mainly. Those tarabagani was so expensive. Wow..

Not only fresh seafood but also processed products.

There’s a restaurant at the end of the shop straightly from entrance. There were so many people, so Isaid my name and the number of group (one) to the staff at the door. He said to me, it takes about 15 minutes, so I viewed their products in the shop waiting. And my turn came soon.

There’re food models at the entrance. They serve sashimi bowl mainly, and also have sashimi, grilled fish and so on.

Interior. They have upstairs, too. They legtangle tables mainly, and also have counter seats, too.They have much seats. So, unexpectedly I could take seats. It was oveflow with people though.

This is donburi (sashimi bowl) menu. Brilliant. They recommend salmon roe all the same. The most inexpensive one is hair crab (kegani crab) and salmon roe bowl (1480 yen). And the most expensive one is sea urchin bowl (4860 yen).

This is another dishes. Charcoal-grilled tarabagani looks yummy.

Though I wanted to eat salmon roe but I wanted to save money because of long trip. So, I chose Tarabagani and salmon roe bowl. It have a small dish and pickles. The soup had tororo konbu.

Tarabagani and salmon roe bowl (たらば・いくら丼) 1550 yen

Those crab’s meat were large and had springy texture. Though the crab was sweet and good, it paled in comparison because of awesome salmon roe. I should have salmon only bowl. Salmon roe is a king all the same.


Name Kitano Gourmet (北のグルメ亭)
Open Breakfast through lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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