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[Tsukiji] Sashimi bowl at Chiaki (千秋) at lunchtime


Tsukiji is always busy. There are always many people gathering, especially alon g Monzeki street. I don’t think I’ll be near there on weekends But there are many good restaurants and cafes at the back of streets in Tsukiji. So you I have to go close to such a crowded area.
One of the restaurant is Chiaki (千秋). I found this restaurant before when I dropped in at Rubin’s coffee next to this restaurant. I wanted to eat at there, so, I went to there.

There’s only counter table. It’s narrow house. At lunchtime, they serve about three kinds of sashimi bowls.

This is today’s special sashimi bowl. Japanese butterfish (Medai) and Kingfish (Hiramasa) was delicious, but the most attracted me was marinated tuna with soy sauce. I decided to visit there again and eat marinated tuna bowl definitely.

Today’s special sashimi bowl (本日のおすすめ丼) 1000 yen

Marinated tuna bowl (づけ丼, 800 yen)

Marinated tuna bowl. The surface of those slices of tuna was so smooth. I hadn’t known such a smooth texture !

Marinated tuna bowl (漬け丼) 800 yen

Chiaki stand back of the main Monzeki street. So, it isn’t noisy and we can relax and eat slowly.
Also they are open as izakaya at nighttime. Their dishes at night have good reputation, too.


Name Chiaki (千秋)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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