Moved – [Tokyo] Umi no sachi Sho (海の幸 翔~Musuko~) in Akihabara

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I visited Akihabara to have lunch at Umi no sachi Sho ~Musuko~ (海の幸 翔~Musuko~). They serve fresh seafood and serve sashimi bowl at lunchtime. They have counter seats only and they are so narrow shop like a bed for eel. They are open weekdays only. Their sashimi bowl have high reputation because of the freshness, large amount but low price.

When I got to there just after the opening time, there wasn’t already vacant seat. So, I waited for a while. They accept TO GO. So, if you don’t want to wait long, it’s good to take it away.

They will be closed to move another place (near current place) at the end of February.

The closest station is subway Iwamotocho station. And Akihabara station and Bakurocho station is near, too.

Lunch menu is outside. Basically everything is sashimi bowl. And they are proud of their tuna and many of sashimi bowl have tuna (生本マグロ).

Lunch menu.

Because I wanted to eat tuna and another fish, I ordered fatty Ikejime Kanpachi and nakaochi bowl. I finished to order while waiting, so, this was served as soon as I was seated. All set have miso soup.

fatty Ikejime Kanpachi and nakaochi bowl (活〆勘八大トロ・中おち丼) 1400 yen

Kanpachi ! Speaking of kanpachi, it’s light tastes and not fatty. But I agree. It’s so fatty like yellowtail ! And the slices were so thick. Those seemed to be able to stand itself. Of course, those were so fresh.

Kanpachi (greater amberjack)

And plenty of nakaochi was between kanpachi and rice. Nakaochi is leftover fresh on the spine of tuna. It looks greasy ? Certainly it’s so fatty but not greasy. It melted in my mouth soon. I agree they are proud of their tuna. I can’t believe that such a fresh sashimi bowl can be eaten in Akihabara. Here’s not Tsukiji and Toyosu Market !

Nakaochi (leftover fresh meat on the spine of tuna)


Name Umi no sachi Sho ~Musuko ~ (海の幸 翔~Musuko~)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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