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[Shimoda] Sashimi bowl at Shinden (活魚料理 新田) in Shizuoka

SHIZUOKA (Atami, Atagawa)

I felt like having fresh seafood at lunchtime at Shimoda, so I visited Shinden (活魚料理 新田) close to Perry road. They are long-established restaurant and have such an historical atmosphere.

It takes about 15-20 minutes walk from Shimoda station. Though it’s far from the station a bit, it’s close to some sightseeing spot like Perri road and Shimoda park. So, it’s good location.

They have counter seats in front of the kitchen, tables and tatami seats.

They have sashimi bowl, grilled fish, boiled fish, tempura, tendon bowl and so on. And they have eels, too.

They shows photos of foods outside the entrance.

I ordered sashimi bowl. I wanted to raw seafood, and they said this sashimi bowl have fishes caught in Shimoda bay. So I chose it without hesitation. And another it have pickles and konbu seaweed. And miso soup having red seaweed named “akamoku”.

Sashimi bowl (海鮮丼) 1900 yen

Tuna, grouper (hata), conger eel (anago), horse mackerel (aji) and so on. Especially, the grouper was awesome. I heard grouper caught in Shimoda bay have high reputation and many fishers visit Shimoda to fish it.

The beer was very cold and good 😉

Beer (生ビール・中) 700 yen


Name Shinden (活魚料理 新田)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available for dinner time only

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