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Changed to tonkatsu restaurant – [Tokyo] Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ) in Yotsuya Sanchome


I had dinner at Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ) close to Yotsuya-Sanchome station with my friends. This was the first time to pay over 10000 yen course menu by myself except sushi. At first, I felt uneasy. I worried about being rejected by the restaurant. Dress code ? I’m OK ? I hadn’t been to such a classical Japanese cuisine restaurant. I went to there with best clothes :p They have so cute and dignified appearance.

On entering the restaurant, I found they have friendly atmosphere. There’re counter seats and divided rooms. We ordered 12000 yen course (ex tax, service fee 10%) when we took reservation in advance. So, dinner has started after a while.

At first appetizer was served. Eggplants marinted with Tosazu, tsukuneimo, additive-free sea urchin and winter melon. Beautiful. The winter melon was good. Tsukuneimo is a kind of taro.


Assorted sashimi. Sea bream, bonito caught in Katsuura, red bream caught in Izu and sea urchin caught in Awaji. This bonito was excellent 🙂 My favorite way to eating it was with myoga without soy sauce. Sea urchin was so smooth texture and it melted in my mouth softly.


Blackthroat seaperch in the clear soup with mizore. Mizore means grated daikon radish here. Soup made from sea bream. Its smell was so sweet.


Fig dengaku. I heard this fig won the Grand Prix at the competition. To tell the truth, I didn’t like fig. Because I had eaten so nasty home-grown fig (my friend’s) on my childhood. I never ate fig ever since. No sooner I saw fig that time, I recalled that nasty fig. But I tried. And I found it’s very tasty. It’s like jelly. Now I like fig ! Of course, good fig only.


A sardine caught in Osaka bay. It’s really fatty. It’s a mass of fat. But somehow it’s not greasy at all.


A5 rank of Yamagata beef cutlet. It’s splendid. I had never eaten such a soft and juicy beef meats.

Beef cutlet

Rice, miso soup with Kyouage, salted salmon roe and pickles. The fat oozed out of this kyouage was good. It had a sugary taste a bit.

Rice and soup

Yamagata beef A5 rank steak was served while eating rice. I knew it’s excluded in the course. The chef served me in special because we are a friend who is a regular customer of Chawanbu. It’s really tasty.

Last, fig was served as dessert with green tea.

Dessert and tea

I like beef cutlet best in all dishes that I had at this dinner. It was like a dream. I enjoyed eating wonderful meals.


Name Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ)
Open Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Available

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