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[Tokyo] Ramen Ichizu (らーめん一途) in Kinshicho


I feel like eating cold ramen much this summer. At first, I had lunch at Ramen Ichizu (らーめん一途) They stand in front of Kinshicho station and is easy to find.

Summer limited cold ramen menu.

They have three kinds of cold ramen.

1. 冷やしラーメン Cold ramen (soy sauce)
2. 冷やし味噌ラーメン Miso cold ramen
3. 冷やし海老だし塩ラーメン Shrimp and salt cold ramen

Cold ramen menu

I wanted to eat cold miso ramen, so I got to there before the opening time. There’s ticket vending machine at the door. Of course, cold miso ramen wasn’t still out of stock. I bought the ticket of cold miso ramen and sat down along the counter seats in front of the kitchen.

About 10 minutes later, my ramen was served. This is cold miso ramen. Green onions, roast pork, bamboo shoot (menma), sesame and red ginger on it.

Cold miso ramen (冷やし味噌ラーメン) 850 yen

Cold soup was tasty and narrow and curly noodle was my tastes.

If you get tired of humid summer in Japan, cold ramen is good choice 🙂 They’ll serve cold ramen until September.


Name Ramen Ichizu (らーめん一途)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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