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[Tokyo] Hamburger BROZERS Shintomi (ブラザーズ)


I had dinner at BROZERS in Shintomicho. They are hamburger restaurant and their head shop is located in Ningyocho area. Though it was night, their red interior and appearance was outstanding. I felt I’m in U.S.A.

I shared salad with my friend. Caesar salad. It had much cheese. Delicious.

Small size of Caesar salad (シーザーサラダ スモールサイズ) 400 yen

I ordered Avocado Hamburger. Hamburger had pickles, onion rings, and French fry together on the dish.

Avocado hamburger (アボカドバーガー) 1150 yen

It looks like tower ! “How do I eat it ?”, I thought. Too big. I managed to bite. Juicy meat and fresh salads. Delicious.


Name BROZERS Shintomi (ブラザーズ 新富町店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

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