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Closed – [Matsudo] Kohaku (自家製麺 琥珀) in Minoridai


I went to ramen shop named Kohaku (琥珀) near Shin-Keisei Minoridai station. Minoridai is located in Matsudo city in Chiba. “Kohaku” means amber in English.

As their name implies, the shop serves sio ramen that have amber color soup. I ate it. It had mizuna, green onion, boiled egg, roast pork and laver. Roasted pork fillets were thin, but big and fatty. The clear soup and straight narrow noodles (homemade) were good.

Kohaku soba with narrow noodles (琥珀そば 細麺) 770 yen

And , I ate gyoza, too. Bigger gyoza had simple taste, but it was juicy. At first, I ate it without any seasonings, and then I ate with yuzu pepper and sauce. Each ways of eating were good. But I prefer with yuzu pepper. Because I like pepper.

4pcs of Gyoza (棒餃子) 360 yen

Usually, I don’t like drinking up ramen soup because ramen soup has a lot of salt, so if I drink up ramen soups, I take too much salt and I feel thirsty. But I didn’t feel this soup too salty, so I drunk up the soup 🙂


Name Kohaku (自家製麺 琥珀)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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