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Closed – [Tokyo] Bristly crab and turban shell curry party at Kareinaru curry(華麗なるカレー) in Oshiage


Kareinaru curry (華麗なるカレー) located near Tokyo Skytree held the bristly crab curry party the other day, so I joined it with my friend. The participation fee was 5000 yen each.

Reservation only.

At first our appetizer was served. Bacon, ham, rason bread, spring roll, duck meat.

And this is turban shell liver.

Bristly crab ! I thought bristly crab is only in curry ! But the chef served it. Soooo tasty !

The chef, with saying “I had forgotten !”, and walked seating area and put the piece of boiled meat on our dishes.

Last, our curry came ! Left is bristly crab and coconuts curry, and right is turban shell curry. And the center was crab’s meat on the rice boiled with crab’s soup ! Awesome !

I heard the bristly crab curry would serve at the party, but I didn’t heard about turban shell curry at all ! Great…. Crab’s meats were here, too. Woooow !

A few days later, the chef said on Twitter,  “I’ll serve turban shell curry again this weekend ! “.
The shop serves special curry of the weekend. And the special was turban shell that weekend because the turban shell curry was very popular at that party. Of course, I liked it. So we visited the weekend again.

I bought the ticket.

This is the curry with turban shell and zucchini ! I can’t believe such a nice curry cost me only 1200 yen !

Curry with turban shell and zucchini (サザエとズッキーニのカレー) 1200 yen

There were much turban shell’s meat and liver than last time’s. Red mini tomato and zucchini felt me summer.

In fact, last time was the first time to visit “Kareinaru curry”, so I hadn’t eaten regular menu.
So we ordered a curry with keema and pork vindaloo. Aigake curry. Aigake means “Double”.

Aigake curry (あいがけカレー) 980 yen

As a whole, I don’t like sweet meal, so I couldn’t eat the pork vindaloo because of its heavy sweetness. It also had strong sourness and hot spiciness. It is not common as curry, so I think this food has people divided between those who like it and not. The chef said when the shop opened at first, people who live near the shop came the shop and ate the pork vindaloo and then never come again :p

I laughed, but it was not funny. Certainly if I know nothing about it, I would be astonished. Actually, I was surprised by the taste when I ate it though I heard about the taste. Keema was good. I like keema 🙂


Name Kareinaru Curry (華麗なるカレー)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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