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Moved – [Tokyo] Congratulations on 1st anniversary of Sushi Hashimo (鮨はしもと) in Shintomicho


Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと) passed their 1st anniversary. Only one year have passed since they have started their business ! They’re already well-known as high quality sushi restaurant in Japan.

I rarely drink alcoholic drinks at sushi restaurant, but Hashimoto’s foods are suitable for Japanese sake and I can’t avoid having Japanese sake with them. They chose my Japanese sake. Their choice was Yuki no Bijin from Akita prefecture. “Yuki no Bijin” means beauty in snow. They chose it because it mean me ? :p Anyway, it was easy to drink and flavorful.

Yuki no Bijin (ゆきの美人)

Sush Hashimoto have one course only. So, all we have to do is to wait our foods to be served. Otoshi was kinukatsugi. I could peel it easily because I learned how to peel it last time. The course had some same foods as last time. But I wanted to eat these foods again, so, there’s no problem 🙂

Kinukatsugi (きぬかつぎ)

And then kawahagi was served. Kawahagi is a kind of filefish. I love it so much that I want to eat it every time.

Kawahagi (カワハギ)

Kawahagi was served with sauce made from soy sauce and its liver. The chef said to us, “Please left the sauce as we can”. It’s very hard for us because it’s so tasty. We managed to leave some.

After we finished eating the fish, the chef collected our sauce and put vinegared rice and shiroika into the bowl. Shiroika is a kind of squid.

Wild-grown scallop

Wild-grown scallop (天然のほたて)

Steamed abalone with its innards sauce. Of course the abalone was soft and tasty, and more, this sauce was great. It had a little bitterness and the bitterness was good.

Abalone (鮑)

Vinegared ark shell and cucumber.

Vinegared ark shell and cucumber (赤貝のひもときゅうりの酢の物)

I had second Japanese sake. This is Jikon.

Jikon (而今)

Chawanmushi with soft roe. Those thick texture was good 🙂

Chawanmushi with soft roe (白子の茶碗蒸し)

And then, grilled tachiuo with salt. It’s the the sign of the last dish. I like the tachiuo best as grilled fish at Sushi Hashimoto. Tachiuo is hairtail.

Grilled tachiuo with salt (太刀魚の塩焼き)

And then sushi time started. I wanted to drink my sake up before sushi time, it left just a little. Kohada was served as usual. Hashimoto serve kohada at first every time.

Gizzard shad (Kohada / コハダ)


Flatfish (Hirame / ヒラメ)

Marinated tuna with soysauce.

Marinated tuna with soy sauce (まぐろのヅケ)

Sawara. Its skin was baked with straw. So, it’s flavorful.

Spanish mackerel (Sawara / サワラ)


Ark shell (Akagai / 赤貝)

Toro part of tuna.

Fatty tuna (Toro / トロ)

Shime-saba. Vinegared mackerel.

Vinegared mackerel (Shime-saba / シメサバ)

Kuruma prawn. Huge 🙂

Kuruma prawn (Kurumaebi / 車海老)

As you see, this uni was so soft. I picked it up so carefully and put it into my mouth. It was melt in my mouth soon.

Sea urchin (Uni / ウニ)

Anago. This is the end of sushi in our course. The boiled ango was so soft.

Conger eel (Anago / 穴子)

Of course, we added some. The chef said to us (especially me ?) they have golden cuttlefish. So, I ordered it. It’s my delight. I order it every time when they have in stock.

Golden cuttlefish (Sumiika / スミイカ)

And Iwashi. This iwashi was vinegared. I had to ask them more. I didn’t think “sardine” was vinegared. I wanted to eat sardine without vinegar. But it was good.

Sardine (Iwashi / 鰯)

Tamagoyaki and shijimi clam soup. It’s the sign of end of the course. That’s all. Next, we’ll visit Sushi Hashimoto at Valentine’s day !

Tamagoyaki and shijimi clam soup (玉子焼きとしじみ汁)


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