[Motoyawata] Indian curry lunch at Sapna (サプナ)

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I was satisfied with the cheese kulcha that I had at Khybel the other day. So I want to eat cheese kulcha near my house and visited Sapna (サプナ) in Motoyawata. They are Indian foods restaurant and serve lunch set at inexpensive price. They are on the 2F of the old building.

Their interior looked like cafe and tidy. Lunch set cost from 700 yen.

Cheese kulcha set. (クルチャセット) 990 yen
I ordered cheese kulcha set having one curry, cheese kulcha, pickles, salad, rice and drink. They prepare five curries and I chose one curry from those curries.

Kulcha set (クルチャセット) 990 yen

I chose chickens curry. The staff said to me it’s very hot, but I didn’t feel so. It’s lightly spicy. It have much chicken meat and it was juicy.

This is cheese kulcha. It’s larger than Khybal’s. But less cheese than Khybal’s. Umm. I wanted more cheese. But it’s good. It went with curry very well.

My drink was lassie. I couldn’t eat up, so I brought leftover cheese kulcha to my home.


Name Sapna Motoyawata (サプナ本八幡店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram

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  1. Emperor says:

    You’ve finally eaten food that I have actually eaten myself! That’s the type of food I eat every day, except for the cheese kulcha. I’ve never seen that before but it looks delicious.

    Also, did you know “sapna” means dream?

  2. Ryoko says:

    You eat curry every day ? Wow !

    I didn’t know the meaning of “sapna”. Thank you for telling me.
    Dream…wonderful name 🙂

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