Chiba / 千葉


[Funabashi] Neo shoyu ramen at Isaribi (拉麺いさりび)

Ramen is my delight, and soy sauce ramen is best for me among them. Isaribi (拉麺いさりび) serve good soy sauce ramen. They a...

[Makuhari] Mt. Fuji fried rice and green curry at Yoshiba (中華料理 芳葉)

Yoshiba (中華料理 芳葉) where we visited last time was good and we went to there again. They have novel food and we visited t...

[Makuhari] Birthday dinner at Cinq au pied (サンク・オ・ピエ) in Makuhari Hongo

December 20th is my birthday. So, we went to eat French in Makuhari-Hongo. Cinq au pied I heard the restaurant's ...

[Motoyawata] Indian curry lunch at Sapna (サプナ)

I was satisfied with the cheese kulcha that I had at Khybel the other day. So I want to eat cheese kulcha near my house...
Cake shop

Keisei Okubo : Pudding a la mode FRAISIER

Fraisier in a Halloween limited container I went to pastry shop "Le Patissier Yokoyama" near my house. I found Frais...
Cake shop

Keisei Okubo : Best cake shop in Chiba close to my home

I can eat deligh Chocola de chocola at any time :) There's so popular cake shop close to my house named Le patissier Y...
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