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[Siem Reap] Roluos Group and Bayon Restaurant


The second day’s morning, I had breakfast in my hotel City Angkor Hotel on the second day’s morning. It was buffet style breakfast.

This noodle was lightly seasoned and good. I didn’t eat fresh vegetables because I had severe stomachache at Uzbekistan before :p I got very nervous …

The mango was so sweet and tasty. But somehow the watermelon was bitter.

We got out of the hotel at 8 a.m. and went to see sightseeing. That day, we saw some historical architectures of Roluos Group. Roluos group was built from the 7th to 8th century. There had been the capital before the capital move to Angkor area.

Preah Ko is Hindu temple and the oldest temple in Angkor ruins group. It was built in 879 ! But it is in good preservation.

From the top.

It was nice view. I want to spend my time all day. But I joined group tour that time. We were busy. Lolei. Umm. It was regret that some architectures were under repair …

Those scalptures were beautiful. I heard that this temple was not completed.

Last, we went to the most biggest temple in Roluos Group. Bakong.

Our lunch was at Chinese & Cambodian foods restaurant that is named Bayon restaurant
Lots of tourists groups from Japan were there.

Cambodian curry. It was spicy but too sweet for me. But I had second helping 😛

Fried Chinese cabbage. Salted fried Chinese cabbage … Though it was tasty, but I expected that we could eat Cambodian dishes at the restaurant 🙁

Sweet sour pork. I don’t like sweet sour pork, but it was not too sweet and too sour. It was easy to eat for me.

Seaweed soup. It was also tasty, but why did we eat such a conventional foods for Japanese at Cambodia.

And fried thick fried tofu with spicy sauce and dessert. We had to share those dishes, so I missed taking some pictures. After that we went back to our hotel to take rest for two hours during the hottest times in a day.


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