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[Siem Reap] In-flight meals and City Angkor Hotel


I got back from Siem Reap a week ago. It was wonderful trip for me. But I got tired because our schedule for the trip was packed and our plane was full. I went to there via Busan by Korean Air. I don’t have good impression of Korean air because of Korean Air Lines bombing incident some decades ago. But our airplane reached at Busan, and Siem Reap without any problems.

One of my anxious about the plane was inflight meals. I often hear Asiana air serves good inflight meals, but I never hear about the inflight meals of Korean Air. But there was no problem. Each meals not bad.

To Busan from Tokyo
To Siem Reap from Busan

Especially those breads were good. I hadn’t eaten tasty breads in airplanes. And those dish was Korean-foods-like spicy. I like Korean spicy food.

But, at Busas Airport, I bought such a foods at Seven Eleven to kill time. I couldn’t eat up the tteokbokki snack because it was very sweet. I threw away as refuse after I had one bite 🙁

We went straight to our hotel after we got to Siem Reap. Our hotel was City Angkor Hotel.

Almost all guests were Asian people like Korean, Chinese and Japanese. This hotel seems to be the hotel for group tourists of travel agencies. Our hotel was old, but it was clean and my room was large though I stayed at the room by myself.

When I got to the hotel, it was already over 10 p.m., local time. The hot water from the shower was lukewarm as I heard from my guide, but I managed to take a bath.


Name City Angkor Hotel (សណ្ឋាគារស៊ីធីអង្គរ)
Booking Expedia, Hotels.com
One night around $38 – $70
Website http://cityangkorhotel.com/


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